Our Story

Est. 2010

It started with a bar server from a generic furniture store, an old over-sized coffee table in front of an even older sofa, leftover wine and candles from our wedding.  We sipped while Frank Sinatra serenaded us from our old stereo speaker in a candle-lit ambiance. We accidentally, but very happily, created our very own cozy lounge (at home). 

Over the years, the lounge became a place to host happy hour and dinner parties that crept well into late nights. It did not matter if it was a house full of people or just us and our pups, the space was comfortable - imperfect in style - yet cozy. 

The Jones Lounge, as we call it, is a place that embodies everything that represents our candles.  It’s the comfortable sofa to kick our legs up on, the corner window over looking the backyard, the living room happy hour, the dance floor in the kitchen, or the bubble bath after a long day.

We hope our candles enhance the moments in your personal Jones Lounge, wherever that may be.

Our Candles
Just like a bar tender with a great cocktail menu, the artistry around mixing and pouring candles is unique to each candle maker.  We truly feel at the core of every relaxing moment, it starts with the strike of a match and a flickering flame.  Therefore, we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally offer our collection of unique, hand-poured, soy blend wax candles – a perfect addition to your lounge (at home)! 
We offer a variety of hand-crafted candles, in different scents for you to choose from.  Our goal is to create a sense of comfort through rich aromatic bliss.  We believe every experience can be enhanced with the strike of a match and a flickering flame.   


The Jones Lounge is a Canadian company, proudly mixing, pouring and creating small-batch candles. We only use fragrances that are phthalate and paraben free.