Our Packaging

We recognize the importance of taking steps (big or small) to protect our planet.  Since Day 1, The Jones Lounge has looked, and continues to look, for sustainable initiatives. 

Let's talk about our packaging! 

Our candles come packaged in simple and unbranded boxes, making it less problematic to reuse - simply remove the box label and there you have it! The same goes for our tissue paper - who doesn't love not having to spend more money on tissue paper for your next gift giving event!. We swapped the plastic bubble wrap for paper honeycomb wrap. Our shipping boxes are also unmarked (again making it easier to re-use without having some company branded box) and our packaging tape is an eco-friendly paper and completely recyclable.  If your shipping box does come with plastic tape on it, it's only because we re-used a box from one of our suppliers.  To help secure and reduce the risk of our candles breaking during transit, we will often use biodegradable packing peanuts - simply add water and they will melt right into your sink! Pretty cool, 'eh? 

We do not have a recycling program for our candle containers once you've burned through all of that goodness.. sad, we know! Logistically, it's not at all possible.  However, we highly suggest that you remove/ clean out the last 1/4 inch of wax once you're done with the candle and find a snazzy way to repurpose. Pen holder? A place to hold cotton swabs, anyone? There really are countless things you can do with your empty candle containers.   

One Tree Planted - we've partnered with this amazing organization and with every purchase order, you will be planting a tree in an area of the World that needs it most.  There can never be enough trees, amiright? Buy a candle and you've planted a tree, seems like a great arrangement to us! 

Check back often to see what new and exciting things we are working on towards making our planet a better place!